I am a creative professional with experience in designing products by merging concepts, trends and client’s needs, all while keeping marketing and cost goals in mind. A team leader in the entire creative process from initial brainstorm to finished product.


"Michelle is a master at design, understands the project and provides design options that surpass the solution that the piece is meant to fulfill. She made the process easy, quick and the result was fantastic. I also know, first hand, the quality and expert work she does in the product design area for products sold at retail for the mass, mid-tier and direct/on-line markets. Her product designs are "spot on" and "trend right" for what the consumer is looking for and is proven through the outstanding sell-thru results at retail."

~Pam Holien, Owner at Action COACH


"I have worked with many designers over the years and Michelle bar none has the best overall insight into creating art and packaging that will sell on the retail shelf...She understands not just the design process but the selling process from front to back."

~Kim Kalan, CEO of Eat Create Design


"Michelle is an extremely talented designer. Her designs are fresh and innovative. Michelle's designs are a combination of client brand + trend right design + creativity. Michelle's positive approach and willingness to take feedback makes her a joy and very easy to work with."

~Dawnette Oliver. Product Development Manager



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